Our Pawn Services in North Carolina

We Take A Host Of Items Including But Not Limited To The Following:

Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Televisions, Video Equipment, Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Paper Money, Tools, Video Games, Cameras, Computers, Antiques, Bicycles, Collectibles, Sports Equipment, Gas Powered Equipment, Stereo Equipment and more.

As long as the item is in good shape and has value – we will loan you money fast with no hassles or credit checks – we place a value on what we feel is fair for the the item to be pawned for or bought outright.

Sell Your Gold

Do you have jewellery you no longer wear? At National Pawn & Jewelry we offer great rates for gold and pay cash even if it is damaged or broken.

What Is The Value Of Your Gold?

We offer a competitive rate on the weight of your gold. The market price of gold changes every day and at National Pawn & Jewelry our rates change based on the daily market price. For up to date gold rates simply visit or call your nearest store today.

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